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Brushing up on dental care for your pet

Dental and periodontal diseases are among the most prevalent problems seen in daily veterinary practice. Pet owners understand how important dental care is for themselves, yet many forget about the parts of their dog or cat that they see the least—their teeth and gums. Can you imagine what our own mouths would look like if…
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‘Dogupuncture:’ Ancient medicine meets man’s best friend

Darien News, Megan Spicer, Updated 7:57 am, Monday, October 14, 2013 As Dudley reached the age of 13, his owner, Sue Strange, noticed the overly active border collie was having trouble getting off the hardwood floors in her Garrison, N.Y., home. Strange and her husband put Dudley on anti-inflammatories and steroids, but they only helped…
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Ticks: Is your pet protected?

Tick infestation and disease transmission to your pet can be reduced in several ways. Most commonly used and recommended by veterinarians are topical or oral tick preventative products. Veterinary-prescribed tick preventatives are safe for pets while also effective in killing ticks and preventing them from transmitting infection. By keeping ticks off your pet, you also…
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