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Keep cats healthy by preventing and reducing obesity

Shelley Skopit, DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Park Animal Hospital, Norwalk and Darien, Connecticut There is an ongoing trend that we are seeing in veterinary medicine. Cats are getting heavier and heavier. Recent studies have shown that upwards of 50% of the feline population is overweight. As with people, overweight cats have an increased risk…
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What’s your pet eating?

Eating non-food items could spell problems by Damian Battersby, DVM and Shelley Skopit, DVM Park Animal Hospital on Jan 2, 2014 • 4:11 pm Pets that have eaten something they shouldn’t have represent one of the most common problems we see in the veterinary field. Dogs tend to be chewers by nature, but chewing can…
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Keeping older pets healthy and happy

by Damian Battersby, DVM and Shelley Skopit, DVM, Park Animal Hospital on Oct 27, 2013 • 9:56 am It’s a fact of life that our furry friends age much more quickly than we do. As a result, the onset of disease and degenerative conditions tends to occur at an earlier age than many pet owners…
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Coping with cold weather: A dog owner’s guide to surviving the winter

As frigid weather continues to drag on here in the northeast, most of us take precautions to keep ourselves and our children safe and warm. But many forget that our four-legged family members are experiencing the same environmental factors. Here are some important tips to keep your pets safe and happy through these colder months.…
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