The Best Care for your Best Friend
Harley the Yorkie, accompanies his younger brother Dakota, the Cavachon (a Cavalier - Bichon mix),
on their annual check-ups! Then it's riding in the RV to the Florida Keys for winter with their parents!
Ottley is a rescued Border Collie mix who enjoys beach time in
the summer and hanging out with his feline friend, Penelope, at home.
Cisco was rescued by Dr Skopit as a young kitten from the West Indies.
He was treated for cystitis, urinary obstruction, and
inflammatory bowel disease. He made the recovery, and enjoys a
comfortable life of sun-filled windows, romping through house plants,
and quality nap times (preferably on his mom's lap).
Beemer, a Golden rescue, swims whenever possible, while
his cousin, Lou the Lab is on a mission to find the biggest stick. Lou has
received acupuncture to help reduce discomfort from a soft tissue
sarcoma tumor of his shoulder.

Special care for Special Needs

Smiling Dog


The Doctors and staff of Park Animal Hospital are now excited to introduce Laser Therapy to our clients and patients.